Throughout October and November 2022 Shekinah Grow will be hosting ‘Feel the Vibe of the Tribe’ course working in partnership with WEA South West.

The course description is:

The word TRIBE comes from TRI meaning THREE, and BE comes from the verb to BE. So when we aim to create a TRIBE we are connecting THREE ways of BEING. *Being as an individual self *Being as part of a community *Being as part of the environment So come as you are and FEEL THE VIBE OF THE TRIBE! There will be tea; there will be fire; there will be a circle; and the rest we will create together. Let us create this safe space together and practice creating a tribe where respect and wellbeing are at the forefront for oneself, our community and our environment. You are welcome! P.S This is an outdoor event with an indoor option if it rains.

The course aim to provide a safe space to create a TRIBE together in the beautiful grounds of Shekinah Grow.

The course objective is to feel more connected to self, to the community and to the environment.

To enrol on the course please click here