I started supporting someone who has been in and out of hostels and temporary accommodation most of his life. He has now become institutionalized in that way of life. I would say he was extremely difficult to work with, his engagement appeared to have no substance and it felt like he only wanted to complain about the system and how unfairly he had been treated.

Some days he would just shout and be verbally abusive to try and make you leave. However I was having none of it, he couldn’t continue to live this way. His living conditions were awful and he was prioritising drugs over anything else. There was a severe risk that he would lose his accommodation due to his continued reliance on drugs, his health issues and a sibling bereavement he had to come to terms with.

With support from Shekinah and other agencies he was assisted with an adult social care referral. The first one he declined and was very uncommunicative on the phone. We persisted and with support we arranged a second call for an assessment, which he accepted.

However his mental health got worse, his anxiety was the worst I had seen to date and his drug use had also increased. I decided to spend the week working with him to give constant reassurance that this was a positive move and I told him my support would continue until I knew he had moved and settled in.

On the day of the move when the removal company came he was still lying in bed and refusing to leave. After many conversations he was eventually all packed up and moved into his new accommodation with LiveWest. He also has a small amount of support from them.

I assisted him over the first six weeks re-educating him on how to look after his room. We also addressed his drug use with the support of a partner agency.

After spending most of his life in and out of the system he is now settled and is doing well. He budgets his finances and admits he still uses drugs but at a reduced level, to the point where he now has a girlfriend. He also keeps his room tidy and cooks for himself. I am so proud of how well he has done!