We’d like to share a song with you that has been specially written to help raise funds for us.

‘I want Change’ was written by Simon Glossop, a song writer just starting out.  The track was inspired by the art of Banksy – ‘Keep your coins, I want change’.

Simon writes:
The song was written as a response to a monthly challenge on a website for songwriters who are over 50.  This was set up by singer/songwriter Saskia Griffiths Moore in order to give the older generation a musical voice.  I’m just starting out really (at 57 yrs)!

The challenge was to write a song with the title ‘Resolutions’.  It struck me that all resolutions are rather egocentric so I thought about helping others and that’s where the lyrics came from.  I’m very serious about addressing all inequalities and injustices, homelessness being in that category.  We are all a small step away from losing everything and community is about looking after each other.

To listen to this thought-provoking song please click this link ‘I want change’