Leonard Stocks Centre, Torquay

Shekinah’s 30 bed hostel is in a central location of Torquay and offers short-term, temporary accommodation to those who are rough sleeping & homeless in the area. The staff work hard to support their residents in bringing stability to their lives & working towards finding them suitable permanent accommodation.

There is access to GP services on-site as well as a practise nurse, Mental Health worker, Liver specialist nurse, Drug & alcohol service substance misuse & homelessness nurse & a tissue viability clinical need nurse. These services can be accessed by all residents & rough sleepers. The staff work in partnership within an alliance with Torbay council, Housing first & the RSI team. Also many other local agencies including Housing providers, Probation Service, Mental Health services and Recovery agencies.

We are fortunate enough to have a range of health services available to our residents at the Hostel. Nicky Richardson is a Tissue Viability Nurse and she holds a wound care clinic weekly.

Here is Nicky with one of our residents Sam, Sam said that her leg ulcers are nearly healed thanks to the regular dressings that she has received from Nicky and our Practice Nurse Vanessa Kenshole.

You can request more information about our services by calling or emailing us using the details listed below. Please ask for either Kath Davis or Jennie McNulty who will be happy to help. You can also find us at:

Factory Row

01803 217893

Email kath.davis@shekinah.co.uk

If you would like to read the Friends of Factory Row Gazette please click on the link.

Our Leonard Stock Centre Team

Kath Davis
Joint Team Leader
Jenny McNulty
Joint Team Leader and Health Coordinator
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If you are experiencing some form of homelessness, need to speak with us about any of the training courses we run or another form of support you think we can help you with, please get in touch.

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