The last image that I actually had of the person was him standing over me and attacking me, so my motivation to take part in restorative justice was to change this image.

The person responsible for this incident is now detained on the grounds of attempted murder and it was because I intervened to help another person that I got attacked. It’s never been about punishing him, but I wanted to reassure myself that he was in the right place that was doing him some good and that he was getting the right support.

Throughout the process of working towards meeting him there was never any pressure. If I decided it was something that I couldn’t pursue I could change my mind even up to the day that I went to see him. Make Amends gave me lots of support along the way from the moment that they were involved. They prepared me and were there for me on the day.

It was a difficult thing to deal with because I am still affected but what happened, and I have an injury to my hand where I tried to protect myself. But you know I am quite a motivated person in many ways. I’m always looking for ways to make my life better really and not to let what had happened to me pull me down. Restorative Justice allowed me to hear what he was saying about the incident and the regrets he had. This helped me to move forward and gave me some reassurance, so now I can put this incident behind me.