Emma Leeman and Jess Keast-Towns both joined Make Amends in the spring 2021. Working as Restorative Justice Family Practitioners, Emma and Jess are co-located within police stations in Devon.

They have both shared their thoughts below about their journey so far with the Make Amends team….

Emma Leeman – Restorative Justice Family Practitioner (Plymouth based)

“I am a relatively new RJ Practitioner who joined Make Amends in the spring, specialising in working with young people and their families which includes severe and complex cases.

For my role, I have the opportunity to be based within police stations in Plymouth. I am co-located at Charles Cross police station in the city centre with the sexual offence and domestic abuse investigation team (SODAIT) on a Monday, the child-centred policing team (CCP) at Devonport Police station on a Thursday. In Devonport, I am part of the Impact Team which involves community resolution orders for young people. On Friday’s, I’m situated at Youth Justice service.

I feel that I have already made an impact on some of the families I am working with and have learnt how supportive my fellow teammates are by sharing their wealth of knowledge and best practice approaches. Being co-located allows me to be the face and champion of RJ within the criminal justice system.”

Jess Keast-Towns – Restorative Justice Family Practitioner (Torbay based)

“My first few months at Make Amends as an RJ & Family Practitioner have been an incredible whirlwind of training, learning and Teams! From introductory meetings with partners, to raising awareness of RJ among local police forces, a lot has been learned. Being co-located at Torquay Police Station is both beneficial to the departments within the force and the wider Make Amends network. From my connections there, I can introduce myself, RJ and the benefits that coincide with this process. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to my journey so far and I look forward to seeing what the next few months have in store.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about the restorative justice service Make Amends provide, please visit their web page or contact the team on:

Phone: 01802 222033 

Make Amends is the Office for Police & Crime Commissioners (OPCC) commissioned service for Devon and Cornwall. Working in partnership with Shekinah, Make Amends delivers

Restorative Justice across this area. The service provides support to people who have been affected by crime, conflict, anti-social behaviour or harm caused by the actions of others.     

Restorative Justice creates opportunities for people who have been harmed to come together into communication with those who are responsible for that harm, in order to get answers to their questions and to explain the effect the incident has had on them. It gives those who accept responsibility for the harm, an insight into the real impact their actions have had on the person affected, their friends and family or the community. The process aims to help everyone move on.