I started working with someone who had become homeless due to falling behind with his rent in his previous accommodation. When he became homeless he had no family and friends to turn to or to ask for support. He became depressed and was suffering with anxiety. We managed to get him placed into temporary accommodation through a partner agency.

Now that he was in temporary accommodation, he still had a problem. This may not be a problem that you would associate with someone who was homeless but it was. He had 3 cats, these were all that he had left of the family he once knew, they were his life. The cats had to be placed in a cat shelter and this cost money which he was slowly running out off. In addition one of the cats was 15 and didn’t have long left.

I approached multiple landlords who had suitable accommodation but was rejected at every turn due to the cats. He also he had some mobility issues which meant he needed to be placed in a ground floor flat. I was trying to source suitable property daily but was constantly being rejected.

The cats were now going to be put down due to the length of time they had been at the shelter and because of the cost of keeping them there. The cats didn’t have long left which made his depression worse. Life for him was getting worse.

I contacted the landlords once again telling them what was going to happen to the cats but this made no difference. Westward Housing had declined to accommodate him due to previous arrears and because of the cats. I contacted them again in the hope that I could get them to change their mind. After speaking to a member of their staff, who was also a big cat fan, he was accepted for a ground floor flat.

He and the cats have moved in and are very happy. They have settled and he is grateful for the support he received to find the right accommodation for himself and his cats.