Written by: Christiaan Stirling. Christiaan is the COO at the Emotional Logic Centre and offers Emotional Logic training and support for schools and families through his company Exciting Education.

I’m delighted to have been asked to run a workshop at the Make Amends (Shekinah) Restorative Justice Development Day in November 2021 to demonstrate the benefits of using Emotional Logic to support their work. As we know, life can be difficult at times, especially so when we have experienced a crime, conflict or antisocial behaviour. I believe Emotional Logic can help in several ways but first, it might be useful to explain what Emotional Logic is!

What is Emotional Logic?

Emotional Logic is a personal development tool used by people of all ages to improve communication and emotional intelligence in difficult situations. It helps us make sense of our unpleasant emotions. We can then learn techniques to harness that emotional energy to face life’s challenges, build emotional resilience and embrace change. It was designed by a Devon doctor in the 1990s and is now used across the globe in a range of medical and educational settings.

How does Emotional Logic work?

We teach people how to understand their unpleasant emotions as part of the overall healthy adjustment process by using a range of unique kinaesthetic tools. It is a conversation based technique that enables people to grow in their understanding of their emotional world and to develop an understanding of the impact their actions have on others. Through the sessions we enable people to improve communication and identify their often hidden losses associated with the situation causing them grief. Then we work together to make a plan to begin ‘winning back’ some of the losses on the list, while exploring how to let go of others. 

Since the 1990s I have been working in schools as a teacher and headteacher and in recent years I have trained thousands of school staff, parents and pupils to use this technique to improve their lives. Experiencing trauma has a profound impact on our emotional development and behaviour. Many of the people that both of our organisation’s support have often been through some of the most traumatic experiences imaginable. Learning Emotional Logic has been shown to help in many ways, including: 

  • Enabling people to feel that they have a safe, emotionally available adult who is attuned to their needs and is there to support them
  • Allowing people to feel truly heard, understood and believed
  • Helping people to lose the shame associated with the unpleasant emotions and the behaviour associated with these.

How can Emotional Logic work with Restorative Justice?

One of Make Amends’ remits is to give those who have been harmed a voice. Another is to empower them to get their lives back on track. Emotional Logic can help support this.

Emotional Logic can allow both parties to feel truly heard by using tools that enable a shared language and understanding to grow. The direction of our work is fully led by the unique needs of each client. We explore a range of bargaining styles and how our learned style of bargaining may not always be the most effective way to move forward. We work with our clients to design a bespoke, truly personal action plan based on their core values; this helps move their lives forward. We have many wonderful case studies we could share which evidences the impact of Emotional Logic.

We offer hope. There is always hope, no matter how challenging the situation.

We offer wisdom. Through teaching and the careful exploration of ways forward together.

We offer freedom. Whilst we cannot change the past, we can explore the future together and offer to walk with you in small, manageable steps towards freedom from anxiety, anger, guilt and other unpleasant emotions.

We look forward to meeting the Make Amends team during their Development Day and exploring collaborative links going forward.  

Guest blog written by: Christiaan Stirling. Christiaan is the COO at the Emotional Logic Centre and offers Emotional Logic training and support for schools and families through his company Exciting Education.

Contact him on chris.stirling@emotionallogiccentre.org.uk