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About us

Shekinah Strategy 2025

Our Vision

By 2025 Shekinah will have supported at least 1,000 people with multiple and complex needs; we will be recognised for our partnership approach and we will be evidencing that our approach generates sustained saving to the public purse.

Our Mission

We see the person first, so we can work together to enable them to be the person they want to be. To be a voice for individuals with multiple and complex needs, and will achieve this by listening to what they tell us, advocating for what they need and supporting the changes that deliver that.

What does supported mean? 

Connected, heard and understood: We focus on the strengths, needs and aspirations of people. History is captured and understood in full, including physical, emotional, spiritual and relationship needs. Steps towards stability: We work with people as equals to start to build sustainable change in their lives. They are engaged with Shekinah and other partners, and are learning to love themselves and identify their aspirations.

Engaged and progressing: Confronting, sharing and addressing what they identify as challenges, whilst taking responsibility and building on success step-by-step. Stronger, coping and embracing who they really are: Achieving goals, making a new story and learning to accept life’s ups and downs including setbacks.

Shekinah strategy Priorities

1. Context: We understand the emerging challenges so we can identify opportunities that fit with our 2025 vision.

2. People: We focus on the needs, strengths and aspirations of people. We know the people we support in Plymouth and Torbay by name and we have identified their needs and aspirations.

3. Approach: We establish support as a simple structured plan based on a natural, honest, on-going conversation that helps individuals become the person they want to be.

4. Systems: We establish support systems and processes to review interactions effectively, and capture and report progress.

5. Evidence-based: We base our work on the best evidence of what works, and when we try new approaches, we research them and share evidence.

6. Progress: We adopt a proven approach to recruiting, selecting and developing Shekinah staff and volunteers.

7. Clarity: As individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole, we have a common understanding and we are living a shared vision.

8. Capability: We have the capacity and resources to bring meaningful relationships and purposeful activity to people with multiple and complex needs.

9. Volunteering: We have an inspiring volunteer programme that increases our capacity to support people significantly and cost-effectively.

10. Finance: We raise funding to support existing activities and growth plans.


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If you are experiencing some form of homelessness, need to speak with us about any of the training courses we run or another form of support you think we can help you with, please get in touch.

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