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We are pleased to announce that our face to face Friends of Shekinah networking events are happening this year! Thank you Nigel Facey, Branch Manager at HBH Woolacotts for hosting our next event on Thursday 8th September 2022. This event is only open to current members, but if you are interested in attending please contact

Friends of Shekinah has been running since 2019 and is designed to enable Shekinah to help people improve their health through accessing support such as free counselling or access to green spaces at our horticulture centre. We now have a guarantor scheme which helps people secure their own accommodation as we act as a guarantor for them and can even offer security deposits, we also support people in their accommodation 24/7. We also look at occupation which could be helping someone back into paid employment, volunteering or training.

We don’t receive funding in certain areas of Shekinah so without your support we would not be able to offer the variety of services we do.

For £10.00 a month, in addition to helping us raise money for the services and projects we provide, you will receive a Welcome Pack with information about Shekinah and a quarterly Newsletter keeping you updated on how your membership fee is helping. Membership is open to anyone whether its an individual, a family, a group or organisation – everyone can join!

Businesses can become a Friend too! Business Membership starts from £12.50 a month with no upper limit so if you would like to give more you can. Your business logo will be highlighted on our website with a one click link to your website. There will also be networking events and volunteering opportunities once we are able to do this safely again.

If you do become a member we thank for you for being part of someone’s journey towards a positive future.

Interested?  Please click below for further details and an application form.

Friend of Shekinah application form
Business friend of Shekinah application form

A big thank you to those that are already Friends of Shekinah!









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To discuss how you might be able to support us, please contact Kristy Winters using the button below, or alternatively give us a call on 07833 051822.

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