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Shekinah understands that sustainable and meaningful employment is a key factor to helping people to make positive changes to their lives. Shekinah values its partnerships and collaborations across a diverse business community. Through these collaborations, we ask businesses to offer quality work placements and employment, adopt new and inclusive approaches to recruitment particularly in the recruitment from disadvantaged groups and encourage their employees to support Shekinah through employee volunteering. Through collaborating with Shekinah we help local businesses bring about lasting change which benefits their business and society.

Ways in which your business can help:


  • Financial support. Why not choose Shekinah as your Charity of the Year?
  • Offer work placements.
  • Unlock employment opportunities.
  • Support your employees to volunteer.
  • Use a team building day to benefit Shekinah.
  • Offer pro bono support.

Here at Nash & Co Solicitors we have always believed that our community is a big part of who we are.  This belief has grown stronger over the last 3 or 4 years.  We commit a significant amount of money and time to charities and community groups each year.  Shekinah is one of those that we are delighted to support.

They do a huge amount for homeless people in the area.  We believe in everything that they do and the support that they offer.  But they cannot do this without funding and support themselves.  This is the right thing for us to do.  We want to do more, and we will, but we would also strongly encourage other companies in the area to consider helping too.  It does not have to be money.  Your time is equally important.

Whatever you can do, please, get in touch with them now to see how you can help.

Dave Briggs, Marketing Manager, Nash & Co 

“At Made with Maturity we love to be involved in community and give back wherever possible.  As part of our business we organise and run the Cream Tea Club, a business networking group that meets regularly to build relationships over a cream tea!  A donation from the proceeds raised from our events each year goes to a local charity and since 2018 we have been delighted to support Shekinah.  Shekinah’s work in Plymouth and the surrounding areas is hugely important.  It brings hope to people with no hope, who are in desperate situations and just need that encouragement or helping hand to make a change in their lives.  Our contribution may only make a small dent in what ideally is needed, but we are delighted to be alongside the team and continue to look for opportunities to extend our support where possible.”

Made with Maturity

turn over a new leaf when life is difficult.  Therefore A&G Marshall Group sponsor and support Shekinah.

Shekinah is, at its core, a charity to combat homelessness.  However over 29 years of outstanding service to our community Shekinah has found a rise in the number of people in need of other specialist services.

Shekinah’s mission is to ‘see the person first’, something that A&G have always valued and worked to uphold. We choose to sponsor Shekinah because of their outstanding work. Year after year, without fail, they continue to offer support, guidance, and a listening ear to anyone in need. Each team member’s dedication to rebuilding and bettering the lives of people in our community is remarkable, and we hope that by supporting Shekinah and raising awareness for their outstanding work, we can be a part of that change too.

A+G Marshall Group

One thing is for sure, none of us are here for a long time.  We see that every day in our business and it makes us grateful for what we have.  More than that, it makes us want to support others in our community that have challenges in their lives.  It is part of our DNA at Portcullis to do good, whilst doing business.

Shekinah, and the work their team does in our community, are simply outstanding.  We should be very proud that an organisation of this calibre is based in our city and across Devon.  We support their aims because no one should face the challenges alone that some of our community members have every single day.

I read a quote years ago that went along the lines of “You can judge someone on what they do for others with no return for themselves”. Whilst we support Shekinah for no return, the enormous satisfaction our team get from being a proud supporter is worth its weight in gold as we know it helps improve someone’s life for the better.

Our partnership with Plymouth Argyle for the Portcullis Sleep Out at Home Park to benefit Shekinah is something I am personally very proud to have created and we call on all individuals and business to participate.

Trevor Worth, Chief Executive & Founder, Portcullis

“The Building Plymouth partnership representing local construction and built environment employers are very proud to support Shekinah. We value the investment in creating construction skills, and more importantly, building up local people through supporting some of the most and disadvantaged people in our community. The charity’s holistic approach to skills and employability through the reconstruct programme is an exemplary model and we are delighted to be working in partnership.”

Emma Hewitt Building Plymouth Skills Co-ordinator

We have been supporting Shekinah in our Armada Way shop for the last 3 years by participating in their voucher scheme.  Our customers can buy a voucher to give to the homeless in the city so that they can access food and something to drink.

We have loved working alongside Shekinah and would always support them where possible.

Lesley Bunce, owner Oggy Oggy, Armada Way

The challenges of inequality, social exclusion and depravation are real issues and often systemic within society and they also, all too often, impact those most vulnerable.  As director of Kennall Consulting Ltd I feel privileged to be able to support the great work of Shekinah in all they do to aid and assist some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in our communities.

Steve Sandercock (Director – Kennall Consulting Ltd)

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