My name is Carrie-Anne. I arrived at The Leonard Stocks Centre in the winter of 2016 after drug addiction led to my becoming homeless on the streets of Torquay. I also lost my children, my self-respect and any hope of overcoming the effects of trauma and addiction.

The LSC provided a safe roof over my head and the staff restored my faith and trust in humanity that I had lost during my years of addiction. Whilst there I suffered numerous health concerns including DVT that had spread to my lungs and Septicaemia due to IV using. I believe I would have died due to my inability to care for myself at that time of my life if the staff hadn’t got me the medical treatment that I needed.

They loved me and cared for me and dropped seeds of hope, faith and encouragement into my heart. For the first time in years I learned to trust again. After several months at the LSC and with encouragement from staff, I moved into a rehab facility for 16 months. I have now been free of drug addiction for nearly 4 years and am working at the Leonard Stocks Centre myself as a support worker!

The Centre was the springboard that I needed to start my recovery and begin my journey of healing. It helped me build the life that I have today.

Today I have a home, I have a job and my family are back in my life! The children that I lost are now grown up and back in my life bringing with them the blessing of grandchildren! Relationships have been restored and my life today looks very different from the winter of 2016.”