“I have struggled over the years with over indulgence and severe mental health issues. In the past this led me to pressing the self-destruct button. I also started self-medicating. Simon, one of Shekinah’s Navigators, has helped me manage my mental health issues and get regular access to services such as Psychiatry and enabled me to see a GP.

He has also provided me with Tenancy support helping me manage my occupation of the property I am in. I have learnt how to approach the landlord to highlight my concerns and discuss repairs that are needed. He has also supported me with setting up bill payments and applying for PIP. I am also now able to apply for a bus pass!

I have begun to volunteer for The Salvation Army in Ivybridge. I really enjoy this because it means I am helping others and this helps give me perspective. I am also a committed member of the football team at Hamoaze House and regularly take part in their scheduled tournaments.

I have learnt to reach out and tackle things in a more positive way, and although I am not the finished article, I am proud of the steps I have taken and the progress I have made.