“2022 has been a fresh start for me. I first came to Shekinah through a partner agency I was getting support from. I was initially interested in the course Re:vive, but talking to staff about my experience of being a listener and Buddy in prison, we agreed that the Mentoring course would be a good place to start.

I have completed my Level 1 in Mentoring and have been volunteering at Bath Street for about 8 or 9 weeks. I started off making teas and coffees, then progressed to cooking in the kitchen and with the encouragement of staff I am now working directly with clients. Sometimes just having a cuppa and a chat with someone is a great way to have a positive influence and help someone else see that there’s hope and recovery is possible.

I am now doing the Re:vive course alongside the Mentoring Level 2 course. Re:vive is helping me to understand myself better and make positive changes, while doing the next level of Mentoring and I can see how I can help others in their journey. They work alongside each other well. I am looking forward to the possibility of visiting the prison on a ‘Check Out Work Matters’ event to talk to people about Shekinah and the work they do.

Everyone in Shekinah, especially Scott and Donna, has put faith in me, which has given me a good incentive to keep going and stay in recovery…four months and counting!”