What we do

Shekinah provides opportunities for people who are experiencing all forms of homelessness and other challenges they may be currently facing.  A passionate and dedicated team of staff and volunteers ensure people are given a variety of opportunities to help them progress.

Working with key strategic partners, Shekinah supports people to make meaningful changes in their lives and receive specialist support to address any health issues, find and support you in a home of your own and learn new skills.

We offer specialist health services in Plymouth and Torquay

We have specialist teams in Plymouth and Torquay to help you find somewhere you can call home.

We have centres in Plymouth and Torquay to support you with training.

In partnership with Shekinah, Make Amends delivers Restorative Justice across Devon and Cornwall.

Need help?
Talk to us

If you are experiencing some form of homelessness, need to speak with us about any of the training courses we run or another form of support you think we can help you with, please get in touch.

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