Welcome to Shekinah’s employment programme IPS – Individual Placement Support.

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) offers intensive, individually tailored support to help people to choose and find the right job, with ongoing support for the employer and employee to help ensure the person keeps their job.
IPS uses a personalised and strength-based approach to support people to find a job of their choosing.
IPS aims to help people find paid jobs within just weeks of being referred to the service.
Then it continues to work with both employer and employee to sustain the job placement for as long as possible, or to help the client into a different job. You need to be in supported treatment for either drugs or alcohol to be eligible to access IPS support.

IPS has been shown to be more effective the more closely it follows these eight principles:


It aims to get people into competitive employment – Volunteering or Work Experience are not counted as outcomes.

It is open to all those who want to work – You have to be in supported treatment for drugs or alcohol to be eligible for IPS.

It tries to find jobs consistent with people’s preferences.

It works quickly – Job search starts within four weeks, even if a client has been off work for years.

It brings employment specialists into clinical teams – So that employment becomes a core part of treatment and recovery.

Employment specialists develop relationships with employers based on a person’s work preferences  – Not based on who happens to have jobs.

It provides ongoing, individualised support for the person and their employer – Helping people to keep their jobs at difficult times.

Benefits counselling is included – So no one is made worse off by participating.

For more information

Email  IPSEmploymentTeam@shekinah.co.uk  M 07840 851558

Please meet the team.

Gareth Geen
IPS Employment Specialist
Kerry Green
IPS Employment Specialist
Kate Ross-Bryant
Part-time Employment Specialist
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