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The Learning Exchange

What is the Learning Exchange?

The Learning Exchange is a free and inclusive adult learning programme. The courses are offered by volunteer tutors, who share their skill or knowledge. Anybody over the age of 18 can enrol, without previous qualifications or referrals. The focus is on the topic and the learning, and the enrolment process is simple. Courses range from philosophy, history, economics, languages, technology, music, arts and crafts.

How does it work?

The word “Exchange” describes the dynamic and ongoing process which is prevalent in the Learning Exchange. We provide a friendly and comfortable environment, so that students can engage in a positive learning experience. We try to offer a space where people connect and where communities form. In interactive sessions we encourage individual expression and active listening.

Sometimes tutors become students for other courses. Sometimes students become co-facilitators or tutors themselves. We believe that everybody can learn something new, everybody can teach, and everyone is a valuable asset to the learning community.

Through active participation, students and tutors develop and celebrate their subject, experience hurdles and successes and have time for reflection. This will strengthen the individual and give purpose to their endeavour.

What is it good for?

You might have had negative experiences connected to education. You might carry a stigma, where you have been told that you are bad at this or that subject. You might have never had the chance or the time to try out something new.

The process of learning can be painful, because we become aware that we don’t know everything, and we may have trouble dealing with new ideas or materials. We’ll try to assist you through this and motivate you to carry on being curious and fascinated.

We will nurture your interests and passions and offer new challenges. Sometimes you’ll find out that a subject is not for you, and that’s ok too.

Learning means opening your mind and allowing yourself to be exposed to new experiences and ideas to grow.

How do I enrol?

Every term (trimester), we will bring out a new prospectus. You can find the link here:

Plymouth prospectus

Pick out one or several courses that you would like to attend. To enrol, you simply need to email the Learning Exchange, call or text us, or visit our headquarters.


The Plymouth Learning Exchange offers an eclectic mix of courses to suit everybody’s needs, whether this is learning how to carve spoons, forage in nature or learn a new language. A warm welcoming environment awaits to help you learn in a relaxed manner with like-minded individuals. Our team prides themselves on giving people a grounded learning space to help nurture growth and where they can be themselves and be accepted for who they are without labels.

If you would like more information, please contact the Plymouth Learning Exchange Team using the email below.



We have always had an open-door policy everyone is welcome, everyone has the same level of respect, everyone is a human.

The team at Endeavour is and has always been welcoming, good at hearing people, advocating and showing people we care about what happens.

Over the past year we have created a space where by people from all walks of life can come together to learn, show case their skills and exchange learning. We have workshops that have built confidence, helped with employment, improved mental and physical health and built friendships.

It’s great seeing people connect and learn, support and celebrate one another.

To view our new Spring 2024 course prospectus for Torbay and South Devon please click here:

Torbay and South Devon Summer prospectus

If you would like more information, please contact Georgie on the email below.




The Learning Exchange Team

Dagmar Schwitzgebel
Learning Exchange Coordinator (Plymouth)
Georgie Brown
Learning Exchange Co-Ordinator (Torbay)
Diane Laird
Learning Exchange Administrator (Torbay)
David Sparkes
Teaching, Learning & Administration Associate (Plymouth)
Angela Douglas
Teaching, Learning and Administration Associate (Plymouth)
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